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Terms & Policies:


To make Kealoha flowers run smoothly, I stand behind these business policies:


A 50 percent deposit needs to be obtained for orders over $200 at the time of ordering, with the balance of the total amount due at time of delivery.


All flowers aren't always available and some are seasonal. I will do my best to make similar substitutions. I will try to get approval of the happy couple prior to making substitutions, but

all such substitutes will be at my own discretion.


Delivery is available, please ask for a custom delivery quote!


Arrangements will be at the door if no one is home to accept it. I am willing to call ahead of time to see when someone will be home.


Large flower orders can be delivered with ice packs to stay chilled when necessary. 


Upon delivery, I release any responsibilities towards modifications or changes made to my designs. 

Due to the fact that flowers have to be ordered far in advance and that they are perishable, deposits and payments are non-refundable.  


Thanks for your cooperation and understanding,

Kealoha Flowers  


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